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Gallery including all my cosplays to date.

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Cosplay Commissions

Payed Cosplay works I made to various overseas customers.

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In this section you will find the photos that are not cosplay.

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Special Photosets

Special photosets of cosplay and non cosplay pics.

Welcome to Bastetsama Cosplay

Welcome to my Cosplay site. This is my online portfolio where you can see my photos and work as a Cosplayer.

I invite you to "About me" to know a bit more who I am and what I do. Also in the Tutorials section you can find my processes to make cosplays. If you still have any questions or want to know more about me, I invite you to send me an email in the "Contact".

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Latest Special Photoset

Image 05

New Photoset Avaiable in the Special photosets section!